Welcome to the Mt. Baldy Indivisible WikiEdit

Resources and information sharing for members of Mt. Baldy Indivisible chapter. We are committed to holding our local representatives accountable to we (the people).

Guide to Action Edit

Minimum of two calls per week. To find out who to call and what to call about, check here .

Issues - what do you all think about making each issue it's own page? And clarifying who in our group is on what issue? Edit

Civil Rights


Environment Edit



Subject Title Link to


Status of




Summary Sponsors Committee Position Action
Senate Hearing Endangered Species Act  This was a discussion in the Senate Committee on Envrionment and Public Works on 15 Feb 2017 No legislation yet, but read more here. N/A National The Senate held a hearing on 15 Feb 2017 to "modernize the Endangered Species Act". There is much concern about this being the beginning of the end for the Act. Sen. Barrasso (R) WY Senate - Environment and Public Works Oppose Contactyour





Senate Joint Resolution 18 Endangered species deregulation A joint resolution providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the final rule submitted by the Department of the Interior relating to Non-Subsistence Take of Wildlife, and Public Participation and Closure Procedures, on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska. SJR 18 Related Bill HJ Res 69 passed Housed already. This legislation has been referred to Committee Alaska This bill would reverse the final rule of the Department of the Interior relating to “Non-Subsistence Take of Wildlife, and Public Participation and Closure Procedures, on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska”.

The final rule this bill would reverse can be found here:

Sen Sullivan (R) AK


Women's Rights

Gun Control


Resources Edit

Indivisible  : A guide for Indivisible group actions and other resources.

5calls: A great tool to make it extremely easy to make calls.

Propublica: Investigative journalism from a non-profit, independent news agency. Political analysis and data.

List of Representatives Edit

U.S. Senate: Dem. Kamala Harris

Dem. Dianne Feinstein

U.S. House of Representatives (District 8): Rep. Paul Cook

State Assembly (District 41): Dem. Chris R. Holden

State Senate (District 25): Dem. Anthony J. Portantino

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